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Water Dispenser Ozonation

Construction in return for flat or construction in return for land; Constructions in which the cost of the construction or the value of the transferred land is given as an independent section from the construction.

Water dispenser ozonation, water dispensers accumulate the impurities they have taken from the outside atmosphere in the water intake chamber over time, the accumulated impurities are collected in the hot water boiler of the water dispenser over time, water dispensers such as the dust and bacteria they take from the outside atmosphere, the taste change in the water, the bad smell of the water dispenser, the water dispenser. It causes algae and similar impurities to flow from the dispenser taps, ozonation of the water dispenser helps you to completely eliminate such impurities first and helps you to drink healthy water, ozone is a very strong and human health-friendly gas in water dispenser cleaning.
The Water Dispenser Ozonation system is used in the medical world and many health institutions today. The use of unclean water dispensers should be avoided and water should not be drunk from water dispensers without certificates or maintenance periods. The water dispensers, which serve a large part of our lives in the drinking area, provide 90 cc of hot water and cold water between 15 and 5 degrees.
Within the framework of hygiene rules, while maintaining the water dispenser, disinfectants whose identity and manufacturer are not known should not be used, bleach, thinner, salt spirit, dish soap, etc. It ensures that it circulates at a certain speed and returns the ozonated water to the water dispenser. During this process, the ozone smell coming from the water dispenser does not cause any harm. At the same time, the ozonized water dispenser also affects the hot water boiler during maintenance. The microbiological organisms in the boiler are completely destroyed, the ozonizing personnel should act within the framework of hygiene rules in cleaning the water dispenser, they should not contaminate the water intake tank in any way, this process is very important for human health.

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