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Industrial Water Treatment Rental

In our Industrial Water Treatment Rental solutions, the maintenance, cleaning and filter changes of the water treatment system and devices are carried out regularly by Teknik14, completely free of charge. All you have to do is enjoy healthy water!
Thanks to the sensor technology, water dispensers with sensors allow water to flow and close without touching.
Water Dispenser and Treatment Rental Products and Services
  • Industrial Water Dispenser
  • Mains Connected Water Dispenser,
  • chrome water dispenser,
  • Photocell water dispenser,
  • stainless water dispenser,
  • Purified Water dispenser.
  • Device Care and Cleaning,
  • Filter Change

Water Dispenser Ozonation

Your Water Dispensers are cleaned with the method we call ozonation, and they are cleaned 100% of all dirt and bacteria. We provide periodic cleaning services to corporate companies.
Benefits of Ozonating Your Water Dispensers:
  • Microorganism Removal,
  • Chemical Substance Reduction,
  • Bad Odor and Taste Removal,
  • Reducing Chlorine Use,
  • Improvement of Water Quality,
  • Quick Disinfection,
  • Environmentally Friendly.

Dispenser Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair operations are important for the proper functioning of water dispensers and to ensure hygienic conditions. Here are some steps for water dispenser repair and maintenance:
Regular Cleaning and Maintenance:
  • Daily Cleaning,
  • Weekly Cleaning,
  • Filter Change,
  • Water Flow Control,
  • Cooling and Heating System,
  • Spare Parts Replacement,
  • Electrical Connections.

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